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Hi, I'm Arobind. Born and raised in India, I grew up in a traditional Indian family. My travels all over India have given me quite a good understanding of the multi-faceted Indian cuisine and sparked my curiosity to learn more about Indian food. Till this day, I spend hours every week reading about various cuisines and their history.

I came to the US in 1998, armed with a degree in Computer Engineering. Until now I was familiar with only Indian and Chinese cuisines (the Chinese food in India is something to die for!). Coming to America introduced me to various other delectable cuisines - Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, French and last but not the least, American. To this day I probably love a nice juicy cheeseburger more than any other food.

Cooking has always been therapeutic to me and over the years, I have taught myself how to cook several Indian specialty dishes from the scratch. Finally, my inner cook defeated my inner engineer and I left my lucrative high-tech career to indulge in my true passion. I’m the cook, the cleaning-guy, the delivery boy and the salesman. More than any of these, I'm the Demo-guy - a job that I love and cherish! I meet so many wonderful people and have the pleasure of introducing my sauces to them. No matter what happens, I will remain the demo-guy for the next several years. When a customer writes to me telling me how much they love the sauces, it just makes my day!

Spicy Nothings is a humble attempt to share my native cuisine with the people of my adopted country. Just to start off, I picked three of the most popular dishes in India and have re-engineered them to suit the American palate, while preserving the sanctity of the original recipes. Our sauces are made exactly the same way they have been made over the centuries, by Indian mothers and grandmothers. So, be assured that you get nothing but the authentic taste, just without the extreme heat which most households in India are used to. The three dishes come from different corners of the Indian sub-continent and I have plans to introduce several more in the near future.

Go ahead and give it try. You just might love it, like I did with the burgers and hotdogs. I would love to hear your feedback. .

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